A research analysis of the difference of opinion among the jurists and mystics about the disputed matters in the light if Tafseer Room am Ma'ani

تفسیرروح المعانی کی روشنی میں صوفیاء اور فقہاء کےدرمیان اختلافی مسائل کا تحقیقی جائزہ


  • Wali Zaman Ph.D Scholar, University of Science and Technology, Banu
  • Dr Fakhar ud Din Lecturer, Islamnic Studies and Research, Ph.D Scholar, University of Science and Technology, Banu


Ruhol Maani, Sufis, Irascibility, . Inordinate


A scholarly review of dissentious tenets between jurisprudents and Sufis in the light of “Ruhol Maani”.Mahmood bin Abdullah Aloosi is a well-known scholar of the Islamic world. his nickname is Shehab u din. he wrote more than twenty-two books on different topics. one of his famous books is Ruhol maani in Tafseer. in Tafseer he described various issues of Islamic education, such as serf. nahv, balaghat etc. he also described the dissentious tenets between jurisprudents and Sufis. in this article we have mentioned some of such tenets.

  1. Infoldment of distance: infoldment of distance means covering lengthy travel or voyage in short term. according to Sufis infolding of distance is approved for saints while jurisprudents refusing it
  2. rational soul in beasts: Sufis are also confuted of rational souls in beasts while jurisprudents are not agreed with them in this tenet.
  3. Appetites: according to Sufis the appetites is of three kinds: 1. benevolence, 2. irascibility, 3. inordinate appetites. while jurisprudents said that the appetites are one and the above three things are epithets of it.

4. Humility for prayers/salah: humility is necessary for the admissibility of salah near the Sufis. near jurisprudents, humility is not necessary for it.