Role of Sufi Saints for Spread of Islam and Religious Harmony in Kashmir


  • Bashir Ahmed Malik Malik Lecturer Department of Islamic Studies, University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Muzaffarabad
  • Dr. Raja Nazakat Ali Khan Assistant Professor Institute of Kashmir Studies University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Muzaffarabad


Islam, Kashmir, Sufis, role, conversion, harmony


The medieval period of Kashmir witnessed a great change in religious history of Kashmir. During this, the introduction of Islam in Kashmir Valley by Sufis Saints resulted in conversion of large scale population into Islam. The Sufi Saints from Central Asia and Persia introduced Islam in Kashmir in practical manners. It was only due to the efforts and devotion of these Sufis, Islam became the religion of masses. The Sufi saints have replaced the whole socio-economic structure of Kashmir.  The Sufis were not only the articulators of Islamic Ideology in traditional manners but they practically impress the masses from their moral deeds and character. They introduced a culture of learning which was consists of life skills and manners of society, which impress the people to accept the preaching of Islam. This paper endeavors to highlight the contribution of Sufi saints for spread Islam and conversion of people towards Islam. This is followed by highlighting the contribution of Muslim Sufi Saints for religious harmony, peace in Kashmir Valley, irrespective of religions and cultures.