Link by Conditional letters in Quranic Chapters as analyzed by Al-Zamakhshari and Abu Hayyan”

الربط بأدوات الشرطية ودلالاتها عند الزمخشرى وأبى حيان في القرآ ن الكريم من أول فاتحة الكتاب الى نهاية سورة الأنعام


  • Dr. Farah Naz Lecturer (v), Department of Arabic Language, International Islamic University, Islamabad
  • Dr. Memoona Aman Lecturer (v), Department of Arabic Language, International Islamic University, Islamabad


conditional particles, Quranic text, Imam zamkhshri, Abu hayaan al-undlas


Amongst the scholarly discussions in the area of Arabic Syntax is the discussion of relations that connect The words with each other in a structure. The semantics Links by Conditional letters in the selected Quranic chapters as discussed by Al-Zamakhshari and Abu Hayyan and my research will deal with the  semantics Links by  Conditional letters   a topic that has been attracting the attention of the grammarians and these are: link by )IN) link by the letter ( Iz ma) link by the letter ( Mahama) link by the letter  ) ( Man) link by the letter ( Maa) link by the letter  (Mata) Link  by the letter )Ainama) link by ( Iza).

However, I find the avenue open for further study and analysis of this phenomenon, There are grey areas that still need more research. I summarize them in the following points: The study of this phenomena, its link with the syntactic context, and importance. Understanding the semantic impact resulting from the conjunctions links in the  Quranic exegesis of two scholars: al-Zamakhshari and Abu Hayanwith an indication of the similarities and differences in their interpretation of the relevant Quranic texts. This topic has great importance in understanding the existing relationships between various kinds of sentences and syntactic structures, not only in terms of pure grammatical discourses but also in terms of understanding the resulting semantic properties. Finally, the topic relates to the Science of  Exegesis of the Quran, which is the best service Muslim wishes to do for the Holy Quran.

This research aims at elaborating the structural patterns of the sentence, analyzing the conjunctions links in the Text of Quran along with throwing light on the semantic aspect. It aims to extrapolate the Link by Conditional letters links applied by Zamakhshari and Abu Hayyan while interpreting, adopting descriptive, analytical, and extrapolative methods. The researcher refers to primary and secondary sources pertinent to the subject matter which includes classical records and contemporary books.