Competitive analysis of laws of inheritance in the light of holy Quran and torah.

قرآن وتورات کے قوانین میراث کے موافقات ومختلفات کا تقابلی جائزہ


  • Saleem Rizwan Ph.D Scholar : Department of world Religion, Federal Urdu University, Karachi
  • Dr Farooq Hassan Associate Professor , Department of Humanities NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi


There are many issues related to inheriting tense which have similarities in holy Quran and previous holy books, but as we all are familiar with the fact that previous holy books were sent by Allah Almighty to some specific region or nation so they did not have a detailed explanation regarding the issue related to inheritance.

But the rules in those books were according to the conditions of the specific regions only.

While the Holy Quran is for the whole of humanity and for every nation no matter from which region caste or creed they belong to so orders given in the holy Quran are well explained with complete moral and intellectual values one more thing we are familiar with is that previous holy book, with the passage of time many changes were made and those are not in their pure form, due to which orders related to laws of inheritance could not reach us according to the real soul, the rules of inheritance which were according to the soul of Islam were made preserved while rules other than Islamic values were accepted or rejected after the complete or partial change in then.

On the title, I tried to show some emphasis I didn’t find any research, so I decided to choose this unique idea by searching out from the old testament and the holy Quran the laws of inheritance.