Review of geographical Sīrah written for children


  • Nadia Mumtaz Ph.D Candidate at GCUF
  • Dr. Farid ud Din Tariq Assistant professor,The university of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Muzaffarabad


Sīrah, Anthropological Geography, Human Geography, Physical Geography, Holy Campaigns (Ghazawāt), Holy Expeditions (Sarāyā).


“Modern Sīrah writers have drawn maps to highlight geographical Sīrah of the Holy Prophet. The maps drawn for adults are loaded with names of almost all the important places, while the maps meant for the children merely display the two places of starting points and destinations, but they’re more colorful & accompany colored pictures, hand sketches, for instance, the maps of migration of the Muslims to Abyssinia and to Madīnah. The present article defines Geographical Sīrah written for children dilating on the salient features of the maps meant for the children, highlights its importance in modern times, and reviews a few books written on this topic in detail. While reviewing these books, the emphasis is laid on the use of geography (both anthropological geography and physical geography) employed in these corpora to establish their status in the Islamic literature generally, and in the literature on Sīrah for children especially.”