The Role of Honesty in the Establishment of Peaceful Society(In the Light of Islamic Tradition)


  • Dr. Naseem Akhter Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar, Pakistan.
  • Dr. Zia-ur- Rehman Lecturer, Department of Islamic Studies, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal Upper Dir, Pakistan


Role of Honesty, Islamic teachings, Contemporary society, Establishment of a peaceful society


Honesty is a good attribute and a blessing of Almighty Allah. Almighty Allah gives this attribute to whomever He wills.  Honesty and integrity are the best qualities. Islam is the religion of peace and security, so it wants a peaceful society. Islam dislikes dishonesty, betrayal, deception, corruption, lies, and deception. Islam has pointed out the right and wrong paths and now it is the responsibility of a person to choose one of these paths, whether he adopts the good path or the bad path. But it is a fact that the people of a society who become virtuous and honest, spend their lives with prosperity and peace in society. If we talk about contemporary society, it is a fact that we are going to downfall with time. Because we have ignored the teachings of Islam due to which we see everywhere in society unethical values, i.e., dishonesty, robbery, lies, betrayal, kidnapping, murder, violence, corruption, etc. The progress and prosperity of a society depend upon people’s honesty and integrity, when people will be honest then the environment of society will be peaceful. This research work aims to explain that honesty plays an important role in the establishment of a peaceful society.