Subjugation of women rights in the disguise of cultural practices and rituals

رسم ورواج اور معاشرتی اقدار کے نام پرعورتوں کی حقوق تلفی


  • Dr. Basheer Ahmed Dars Lecturer ,Mehran University ,SZAB Campus Khairpur Mir’s
  • Dr. Hadi bux Chhijan Assistant Professor, Mehran University ,SZAB Campus Khairpur Mir’s




Islam has blessed both men and women equally and the system gives them their just status and respect. Islam has freed women from the life of misery and mistreatment that they were living in the pre-Islamic era. It eliminates all those rituals of Jahiliyyah that were against the dignified status of women. A number of rights were given to them that was unheard of in the past generations and previous civilizations. Even some of the greatest civilizations such as the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Indians, The Chinese, The Persians, failed to give women the status and respect they deserved. They were not only mistreated but also sold like a commodity for the pleasure of men. They did not have any social, economic, and political rights. They were not allowed to trade. They were always considered subordinate or even slaves, of their fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons. They did not even have a right to object to their situation. When Islam came, it blessed women and took them out from the deep and dark pit that the society of that time had put them in. This paper presents an overview of how the rights of women are subjugated in various cultures in terms of the protection of their life, honor, development, financial status, and religious freedom. After setting this context, the paper presents the Islamic view for the protection of women's rights in these five realms of life.