The comparison of foreign policies during the era of Prophethood (peace be upon him) and the current foreign policies of Muslim countries


  • Dr. Atta Ullah Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic & Religious Studies The University of Haripur, Haripur, Pakistan
  • Mr. Khizar Hayat Associate Professor, Government Post Graduate College Haripur.Haripur


Ambassadors, ethnic, doctrine, killing


The principles of Foreign Affairs provided by the Prophet for the welfare of humanity are universal for all times and ages.These principles were based on solid fundamental of ideology and doctrine and not on any ethnic, regional. Political or any other such application.The prophet united the humanity on the principle of equality and justice where all were equal and answerable to the law.The strategies adopted by the prophet for eliminating all kinds of international bigotries are role model for all of us.The prophet provided separate international laws for peace and war.Moreover he wrote latter to various kings of his time. He send them gifts as token of love and respect. Prophet (SAW) thought the respect for the ambassador of kings and he forbids the killing of the ambassadors of a fake and false prophet like mussailima kazzab.