Limitations and Boundaries of Government and Opposition in Light of Qur ān & Sunn āh

حزب اقتدار اور حزب اختلاف کی حدود وقیودقرآن وسنت کی روشنی میں


  • Muhammad Rafiq Lecturer,Dept. of Hadith Sceinces,Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad
  • Dr Ahmad Raza Assistant Professor,Dept. of Islamic Thought, History & Culture,Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad


Limitations, Government, Opposition, Qur ān & Sunn āh


Until some time ago, socialism was practiced as political and economic thought, philosophy, and system in the Soviet Union and many other countries. Apparently, few moderate classes of Muslims wanted to prove forcefully that Islam is closer to socialism. Rather, the term Islamic socialism was also created. In the present era, the United States wants to impose its political and economic thought, philosophy, and system all over the world under its leadership with the motto of democracy, which is based on materialism, capitalism, interest, and irreligion, while the real democracy is given by Islam which consists on ideal characteristics like social justice, councils, the obedience of the ruler, accountability and fair justice. In this article referring briefly to the concept of the Islamic state, its importance, its establishment, and several ways of Islamic government, limitations, and boundaries of governing and opposition parties have been presented, analyzed n the light of Holy Qur ān and Sunn āh , so that both parties are necessary, play the role for national integrity, preaching of Islam and welfare of the public in the light of Islamic teachings. The descriptive and deductive methods have been adopted in the consideration article. Basic reliance on the Qur'an and Sunnah besides other sources has been also utilized. Results and suggestions have been also compiled at the end of the article.