Reconciling Islamic ethics and feminist projecting ideas regarding gender discrimination


  • Sadia Yousaf Zia PhD. scholar, university of management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan


Discrimination gender, rationality, opportunities, assault, harassment, rights, feminists, campaign, Islamic perspective.


Islam is a complete code of conduct and Quran is the blessing of Almighty Allah to all the world. There is almost every solution present to deal within society. Allah has given us the divine law to follow and set examples for others as well. Every society comes with some problems in it and up s n downs are there. Men and women are the part of every society. Allah had given equal rights to them but men are dominant to some extent by which women supposed that they inferior and men based society has no rights for women. The movement of feminism has a long history. Nothing is based on falsehood but it turns out the struggle of women become a movement and achieved its results but affected many things. These outcomes caused social, cultural, and religious debates in feminist discourse. This movement not only strengthens women’s voices but also some false interpretations also presented regarding feminists’ demands about Islam and women in Islam. These interpretations need to be counter-checked. In this paper the religious aspect and some false interpretations of feminists, their western culture is conferred and the Islamic perspective is presented through Quran and prophetic narrations. There is a comparative method to present the true picture and findings of the research. Women are human and human rights are women rights. A Muslim woman is shown oppressed and depressed in religious rituals as shown by the west, like they are bound inside their houses, not allowed to dress by their desire…etc. The true intention is to inculcate the doubt about women in Islam, the problem is to eliminate misconceptions present in difference of societies. The true picture is presented only by describing the Quranic teachings and rights that are given to women by Islam.